Canada has been ranked as the no 1 country for a good number of years by not only the United Nations but also by other reputable global organizations that deal with countries holistically. It is considered the land of opportunities and the best country in the world to live.

There are many different advantages to the Immigrants this wonderful country has to offer, some of which are:

  • Rights to own property
  • A public health cares system, which is free to all residents of Canada
  • Excellent elementary and secondary schooling free to all residents with the post -secondary education coming at a low cost.
  • A clean and healthy environment protected by strict regulations.
  • Right to acquire citizenship after three years of residence as a permanent resident.
  • Right to maintain dual citizenship.

Various immigration programs for skilled and professionally trained people, Investors, sponsorship and students. If you want to live in Canada, you must get an immigration visa from Canadian authorities.
Thousands of individuals have benefited from different programs and categories to become Canadian citizens and obtain Canadian Passports.

Apart from the social factor that makes Canada a very positively sound option to move to, its economic and financial standing also speaks for itself. Canada is among one of the top developed economies, whose government is known to invest in its people and put the public good over the profit or private gain in any case. Having a government and a ruling authority that has the sense to humanize the policies with putting focus on the people is something many developed countries struggle with. All in all, Canada is an ideal place to move socially, economically and personally, due to the inherent systems of service to the public set in place.




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